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'Bring on the Rails'

July 25, 1988

Thank you for recognizing the value of rail service as a tool for alleviating some of this region's congestion in the editorial "Bring on the Rails" (July 14).

We at the Southern California Assn. of Governments share your opinion that freeway expansion alone is neither the only nor necessarily the best alternative for improving mobility in Southern California. To that end, we have been coordinating a regionwide effort to introduce other transportation alternatives, such as rail service, to mitigate congestion.

SCAG staff is currently studying the feasibility of a number of rail lines proposed for the region. Among them are the Los Angeles-San Diego Corridor study and the extension of additional Amtrak service through the San Fernando Valley and Ventura County to Santa Barbara.

Senator Ed Davis' Senate Bill 2446, which awaits Assembly Ways and Means Committee action in August, is a SCAG-sponsored legislative proposal to develop implementation plans for service not only through the Valley along the coast to Santa Barbara, but also from San Bernardino into Los Angeles and from Riverside to Orange County and Los Angeles.

Given the problems we are seeing today with congestion, this region is on a collision course with disaster. As we come to a crawl, our ability to work and function efficiently is threatened. If the leadership of this region wants to enhance mobility, it must support a wide range of transportation alternatives and provide the financial support to implement them. We invite all interested parties to join us in the search for solutions to our mobility crisis.


Mayor of Claremont

Chair, SCAG's Transportation

& Communications Committee

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