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Saving Face

July 29, 1988| Compiled by the Fashion88 staff

To look radiant for last week's premiere of "Big Top Pee-Wee," actress Valeria Golino did the L.A. thing. She turned her face over to a professional. Nothing drastic, mind you. Just a facial (European style) and a hydrating mask performed at Vera's Retreat in the Glen. Our source tells us Golino's buddy, actor Nicholas Farron, liked the results so much he went to the Bel-Air skin-care salon a few days later for the same treatment. As for Golino, she's back to work--with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise to complete the upcoming film "Rain Man."

The Donna Karan Show

For her role as a tough TV newswoman in "Murphy Brown," debuting this fall on CBS, actress Candice Bergen is going all out for Donna Karan designs. She ordered a complete wardrobe of suits, jackets, dinner dresses and evening clothes from the New York designer, says Karan's fashion director, Patty Cohen, who adds: "If all goes well, Candice will wear only Donna Karan designs on the show." It looks as if another new series will feature the New Yorker's fall collection too. Wardrobers for "Baby Boom," a TV takeoff on the recent feature film, have an appointment with Cohen this week. Kate Jackson plays the lead in that show.

Does He or Doesn't He?

Have Jack Nicholson's sunglasses ever seen the light of day? We've wondered from time to time, and now we can say for certain, having spied him in his shades one recent afternoon. It happened in Venice, at the 72 Market Street restaurant, where Nicholson attended a literary reading given by his friend, novelist Jim Harrison. No surprise that he wore dark glasses indoors. More interestingly, he left them on when he stepped outside into the late afternoon sun to take a breather before dinner. Captivated as we were by the sight, we didn't fail to notice other relevant fashion details--like his untrimmed haircut, his boxy, white silk blazer, white shirt and sage-green trousers. As expected, Anjelica Huston, Nicholson's date, was roughing it. No dark glasses for her, just an earthy green, tailored suit with short skirt and bare, tan legs with high-heel shoes.

A Time Consumer

None of that digital nonsense for Carrie Fisher. She bought an old-fashioned timepiece. "A romantic mantle clock, shaped like a house with little metal charms hanging from it," Fran Rissmiller, co-owner of New Stone Age Gallery, tells us. But it won't decorate Fisher's mantle. The clock, by Seattle artist Heather Ramsey, was a present for someone else. For herself, the actress bought arrow-shaped pins decorated with stones.

Mail-Order Glamour

The latest addition to Gale Hayman's mail-order cosmetic line is a video called "Glamour Guaranteed." It's a 30-minute romp that explains Hayman's "Southern California approach to makeup," she tells Listen. There are tips, makeovers, interviews with people on the street, testimonials by satisfied customers and a quick visit to Spago. The $19.95 video comes with its own glamorous credits: Hayman, former co-owner of Giorgio in Beverly Hills, was assisted by KNBC anchor Kelly Lange and Lange's husband, director William Friedkin.

Perfume Tycoon

Herb Fink's Spoiled perfume debuted at Bloomingdale's Friday, and store execs told Fink the scent zoomed right into the "top 10" best sellers. "It wasn't the biggest launch they'd ever seen, but it was way up there," Fink says. "We had to rush an order to them overnight because the original supply almost sold out the first day." Fink, who masterminds the Theodore, Claude Montana and Sonia Rykiel shops in Beverly Hills, has become our city's newest "nose" and probably its next perfume tycoon.

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