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Cancellation of 'Toys on Parade'

July 31, 1988

The nationally televised Santa Ana "Toys on Parade" has been canceled. Residents would appreciate knowing if the cancellation was a unilateral decision of our city manager or if it was mandated by our City Council, because of complaints by the electorate.

The tremendous crowds at past parades would indicate "Toys on Parade" was well accepted by Santa Ana residents. Could anyone deny that national TV coverage of "Toys on Parade" left anything but a positive image of Santa Ana on the viewers? Santa Ana residents were proud that their friends and relatives across the nation had the opportunity to see what was happening in our progressive city.

Two recent Santa Ana programs ("Zero Tolerance" and "Ninja Narcs") again are bringing our city national TV coverage. This time it does not portray a positive image of our city. It is an image of which the residents are not proud.

How did this happen? Was it because our leaders were too busy planning future redevelopment projects and secret agendas for outside interests, rather than programs to reduce crime and improve the quality of life for the residents of our city?

It's time our City Council fired our city manager or the voters "fire" the incumbent council members, at the polls, in November.


Santa Ana

The city has not entirely dropped the Toy Parade but is now involved in its operation along with other sponsors. The parade will be held this year on December 3 under the name of The Times Orange County Holiday Parade.

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