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Child-Care Issue in Presidential Politics

August 06, 1988

I was greatly disappointed to read of your endorsement of the ABC bill. Bush's child-care proposal is a much better approach to solving day-care needs for a variety of reasons.

The Bush plan provides a $1,000 refundable tax credit to all low-income parents, regardless of how they care for their children. The ABC bill provides day-care vouchers for only those parents who choose to send their kids to government-sanctioned day-care centers. That benefits only 11% of our nation's children.

The Bush plan does not establish a federal day-care bureaucracy.

The Bush plan accurately recognizes that we do not have a day-care crisis in America.

The Bush plan specifically targets the poor, placing a salary cap on those families that are eligible for assistance. The ABC bill does not target the poor, it targets two-wage earner yuppies.

In every respect, the Bush child-care proposal is a better way to help parents who need help.


San Dimas

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