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Do Some Real Good

August 07, 1988

It was with great disappointment that I read of Foodmaker's donation of $5,000 to replace the aluminum cross on Battle Mountain in Rancho Bernardo. Together with the money spent on the previous cross in March, this makes $10,000 spent to erect a religious symbol offensive to the many non-Christians who pass this place every day on the freeway.

I suppose that Foodmaker, "wanting to make a statement of community good citizenship" felt this to be a high-profile means of advertisement. I cannot see how those passing by could get any message other than that from an aluminum religious symbol.

I suggest to Foodmaker that, if they really want to be good citizens, they instead donate this money to help some of the community's many disadvantaged citizens. How many books could be bought with $10,000 for the library? How many nights of shelter for battered women could be provided? Perhaps a donation to help a future heart transplant patient? Even money donated to the Humane Society for those creatures unable to speak about their needs would seem to me to be more of a statement of good citizenship.

It is evident that there are many people to whom this aluminum cross is merely a vandalism target. A few weeks ago, Battle Mountain was totally burned. The cross has been blown down, sawed down--what next? Spray paint?

How many more thousands of dollars will be thrown away to keep putting these tacky crosses on this hill in the future? Isn't it time to give up this nonsense?

I urge the citizens of North County to oppose this waste of money and destruction of the ecosystem. Demand that this money be used to help real people instead of erecting empty symbols.


San Diego

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