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Just Say No

August 07, 1988

Anybody who thinks there's no crisis in government should study The Times' story of July 22, describing laments of elected officials over the rising tide of initiatives ("A Flurry of Fall Ballot Initiatives Raises Hackles of Politicians").

"If we don't watch our respective tails, the people are going to be running the government," said State Sen. Bill Craven, according to the story.

Craven seems to feel that God granted him his office. But it was granted by citizens, and they can take it away, through initiatives. Craven apparently thinks voters haven't caught on to the fact that the Legislature is now in the control of lobbyists and big spenders.

That's why we have this benumbing assortment of insurance measures on the November ballot. The citizens have been screaming over insurance for at least 10 years, and the Legislature has done nothing.

If Craven and the others really want to slow the flood of initiatives, they can do it quite simply: Refuse to meet with, or deal with, any hired lobbyists; and refuse any contributions over $100. Who knows? They might start a trend among their colleagues.

"Just Say No," gents, and get the monkey off your backs.


Del Mar

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