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1984 'Olympic Army' Workers

August 07, 1988

It was only four years ago that thousands of people in Southern California came together as staff, volunteers and spectators to welcome and encourage the Olympians from around the world. The Olympians have gone home, and the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee is now a part of history.

But the legacy of those Games continues. The financial surplus, some $230 million, was divided: 40% to the United States Olympic Committee, 20% to the National Governing Bodies of Sport, and 40% endowing the Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles.

Since 1985, the AAF has invested over $20 million in Southern California, supporting youth sports programs through grants, developing new and innovative programs and presenting the Paul Ziffren Sports Resource Center, a cultural and learning center for sport. All of this was made possible through the dedication of the people of Southern California.

The tradition continues as people from all walks of life contribute by volunteering, sharing and caring about the next generations of athletes.

On behalf of Chairman David Wolper, the Board of Directors and the staff of the Amateur Athletic Foundation, I want to express our sincere thanks to those who made this possible and thank you for your continuing commitment to serve our community through sport.



Amateur Athletic Foundation

of Los Angeles

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