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Teen-Agers Pick Best TV Shows, Tell Why

August 12, 1988

Statistics show that teen-agers watch the less television than any other age group, but if there's nothing better to do. . . .

Here are some responses to this week's hot topic: "What's the best television show of all time and why?"

" 'Perfect Strangers' is funny and I like it when the characters act silly."

--Andy Yang, 14,

freshman, Corona del Mar

" 'Tour of Duty'--our generation is ignorant of the Vietnam War. Although the show is commercialized, it helps us to understand the war a little bit better."

--Archana More, 16,

junior, Cypress

" 'Batman' because he is my hero. I want to be just like him when I grow up . . . rich!"

--R. J. Kruger, 17,

senior, Cypress

" 'Aaron's Way' because the Amish people it depicted are so trusting and kind that it makes me feel good to watch it."

--Vicki Kennedy, 17,

senior, Dana Hills

" 'The Cosby Show' keeps you laughing the whole time."

--Chris Stevens, 17,

senior, Dana Hills

" 'The Love Boat' because it's realistic."

--Chris Oprison, 17,

senior, Dana Hills

" 'Night Court' and 'Saturday Night Live' because they're both so bizarre and hilarious."

--Brandy Elser, 16,

senior, Dana Hills

"I really like '21 Jump Street,' but I don't think it's the best of all time. It deals with current issues in high schools and it has good actors."

--Jennie Elliott, 17,

senior, Dana Hills

" 'The 3 Stooges' because they remind me of my friends at work."

--Sean Cahill, 15,

sophomore, El Toro

" 'The Lakers' Pregame Show with Roy Firestone.' "

--Paul McDaniels, 15,

sophomore, Estancia

" 'Max Headroom' because it really shows how futuristic plots can be put into an exciting series. It went deeper than the entertainment because of its complexity, and you can enjoy it on two levels--the rapid pace of the changing scenes and the intricacy of plots and characters."

--Jason Werner, 16,

senior, Estancia

" 'This Week in Baseball' because I love baseball and it shows the funnier side of life."

--Lance Ely, 17,

senior, Estancia

" 'Mission Impossible' or 'Fat Albert' are the best TV shows ever."

--Joey Lema, 16,

junior, Foothill

"I love 'I Love Lucy.' "

--Leslie Merchant, 15,

junior, Foothill

" 'Batman' because the dynamic duo are the ultimate."

--Melissa Brooks, 14,

freshman, Foothill

" 'MASH' is the best show ever. I'll put my name by that."

--Robert Charton, 17,

senior, Foothill

" 'L.A. Law' is the best show ever. Gracie VanOwen is quite a woman."

--Greg Amrofell, 15,

sophomore, Foothill

" 'Days of Our Lives' is my favorite soap opera ever."

--Mary Beth Brooks, 14,

freshman, Foothill

" 'The Cosby Show' because it's very humorous."

--Salina Valverde, 14,

sophomore, Foothill

" 'Night Court' because it is funny, especially the bald guy (Richard Moll)."

--Yoon Shin, 17,

senior, Kennedy

" 'Gilligan's Island' because the characters are all stereotyped and I like stereotypes." --Perry Wang, 16,

senior, Kennedy

" 'L.A. Law' because the people on there are my role models."

--Sunny Park, 16,

senior, Laguna Hills

" 'Bonanza.' "

--Colin Miller, 17,

senior, Mater Dei

" 'The Rifleman' because it was action-packed."

--David Stephens, 18,

senior, Mater Dei

" 'Full House' because it's cute . . . three single men raising three little girls."

--Pam Sanchez, 15,

sophomore, Santa Ana

" 'Family Ties' because it's funny and there's always a message."

--Jorge Rivero, 17,

senior, Santa Ana

" 'Superior Court' because it keeps you in suspense.' "

--Ruben Montijo, 17, senior,

Southern California Christian

" 'The Cosby Show' because it has a good variety of actors and actresses."

--Mitzy Buckridge, 18, senior,

Southern California Christian

" 'Perfect Strangers' because it makes me laugh."

--Jennifer Stannard, 18,

Southern California Christian

" 'L.A. Law' because it's so contemporary and up-to-date."

--Ed Deng, 17,

senior, Sunny Hills

" 'Growing Pains' because it deals with teen-age problems."

--James Choi, 16,

junior, Sunny Hills

" 'Hunter'--it's very suspenseful."

--Shannon Shank, 15,

sophomore, Tustin

" 'Family Ties' because he (Michael J. Fox) is a good actor."

--Rebecca Rees, 15,

sophomore, Tustin

" '21 Jump Street' because I like the stories."

--Jill Alexander, 14,

sophomore, Tustin

" 'Moonlighting' because it is funny, suspenseful and its romantic plot makes you want Maddy and David to get together."

--Jenny Bond, 16,

senior, University

" 'Full House' is a really cute show."

--Michelle Ko, 15,

junior, University

" 'L.A. Law' because it seems real, not too melodramatic and it is a pretty up-to-date show."

--Steven Huang, 14,

sophomore, University

" 'Mr. Ed'--I love horses and he's the only one I know who talks."

--Sara Wadhwani, 15,

sophomore, Western

Next Week's Hot Topic: What's the worst television show of all time and why?

Hot Topic responses gathered by Chris Bergerud, Joanna Brooks, Albert Chou, Tanya Diaz, Lynda Kim, Rebecca Leung, Chi Mai, Hai Pham.

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