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Slow-Growth Controversy

August 14, 1988

After finishing the series on the problems of growth and our ever-increasing population in California, I'm left with several unanswered questions for the "slow" or "no-growthers."

I'm in my late 20s, was raised in Los Angeles, have graduated from college and look forward to marrying and raising a family here. I love this city, its people, its opportunities and its advantages. But if those who seek to "control" growth have their way, what do I have to look forward to?

The home in which I was raised was purchased by my parents in the early 1960s for about $30,000. Today, that is a down payment--if I am lucky! I'm just starting out in my career--what can I look forward to if new affordable homes cannot be constructed?

If anti-growth advocates get their way, new water, sewer and electrical systems will be limited. If I'm lucky, perhaps I can find a home available somewhere within the "limits." What if I'm unlucky?

A city planning officer is quoted on the issue of interim control ordinances: "It is government of the people. It is a real Populist kind of thing."

Not so. It's an example of the self-centered mentality of "I've got mine." Great--but what about the rest of us?


South Pasadena

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