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HIGH LIFE : Teen-Agers Pick Worst TV Shows, and Tell Why

August 19, 1988

Everybody within arm's length of a remote control device is probably guilty of switching up and down their television's channels in search of the least objectionable programming.

Some of TV's most objectionable programs came up this week when hot topics asked, "What's the worst television show of all time and why?"

" 'The Cosby Show.' First of all, the actors seem stuck on themselves. Rudy is constantly smiling at the camera when she used to be cute. Second, they don't act like a particular character--they're all being themselves, and that's boring."

Rochelle Clark, 17,

senior, Dana Hills

" 'Head of the Class' because it is stupid."

Lisa Holmberg, 15,

sophomore, El Modena

" 'The Love Boat' because it is so unrealistic."

Dana Tunnicliffe, 16,

junior, Estancia

" 'Laverne and Shirley'--no plot."

John Doney, 14,

sophomore, Heritage

" 'Three's Company' is the dumbest show because it doesn't make you laugh--it's so clueless."

Uly Kim, 16,

senior, Laguna Hills

" 'McGyver' because it's so fake, and he can't make a time bomb out of chewing gum."

David Stephens, 18,

senior, Mater Dei

" 'Double Dare' because the whole thing is boring and low class."

Ami Makena, 15,

sophomore, Newport Harbor

" 'Miami Vice' because it's unrealistic."

Monica Sands, 15, sophomore,

Southern California Christian

" 'Laugh In' because the humor is stupid."

Garrick May, 17,

senior, Sunny Hills

" 'The Morton Downey Jr. Show' because the man is a hypocrite."

Dong Kwak, 17,

senior, Sunny Hills

"The absolute worst television show of all time has to be 'Punky Brewster.'

Jennifer Duke, 17,

senior, Trabuco Hills

"I don't like 'The Wally George Show' because it is just too obnoxious and fake."

David Lee, 15,

sophomore, University

"The worst TV show of all time is 'MASH.' I don't understand why people enjoy it so much. It is very monotonous."

Isabel Fernandez, 16,

senior, Whittier Christian

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Hot Topic responses gathered by Chris Bergerud, Albert Chou, Tanya Diaz, Stephanie Jeffers, Rebecca Leung, Chi Mai, Hai Pham and Elena Rego.

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