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King Size

August 21, 1988

Robert Hilburn's entitled to his opinions on Carole King who, although not noted by Hilburn, was the first female solo performer to take the top four Grammy Awards in one year, 1972 (awarded for her 1971 "Tapestry" album), but he is not entitled to inaccuracies ("Handicapping the 1988 Hall of Famers," Aug. 14).

To say that she "has also written several top 40 hits" is ignorant. The dictionary defines "several" as "more than two yet not large."

King has to date written at least 51 top 40 hits including:

"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," "Up On a Roof," "One Fine Day," "Just Once in My Life," "Don't Bring Me Down," "Locomotion," "Hey, Girl," "So Much Love," "Pleasant Valley Sunday," "Porpoise Song," "Goin' Back," "Oh No Not My Baby," "I'm Into Something Good," "Don't Say Nothin' Bad," "Go Away Little Girl," "Is This What I Get for Loving You," "I Can't Hear You," "I Can't Stay Mad at You," "Some Kind of Wonderful," "A Natural Woman," "Halfway to Paradise," "How Many Tears." . . .

By the way, this fall she is recording a new album for Capitol, her first in quite a few years, having chosen to take a sabbatical in the mountains of Idaho. Having heard what's in store for her fans when the album is released next February, I anticipate Hilburn can add "several" more hits to his now updated list.


Los Angeles

Cameron is King's manager.

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