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The 24th District Has No 'Safe Seats'

August 21, 1988

There's a political battle shaping up in the 24th Congressional District; a battle that Los Angeles Times reporter Alan Citron failed to uncover in his article titled, "Sharing the Wealth" (Times, Aug. 14).

The sub-headline of the story . . . (referred to) "seats safe," indicating that U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman and other incumbent Westside Democrats are guaranteed to be reelected.

Mr. Citron assumed, based on past election results, that there would be only "nominal" opposition against Waxman. That assumption is incorrect. On the contrary, there is a serious and credible campaign to unseat Mr. Waxman.

A campaign like the (John) Cowles for Congress campaign has not been seen in the 24th District for quite a while. While Rep. Waxman's campaign is run by the liberal political consulting firm of Berman and D'Agostino (BAD), the Cowles for Congress campaign is a "People to People" campaign. Rep. Waxman's local office states that he will not be actively campaigning in this district. Repeated proposals for debates between Rep. Waxman and Mr. Cowles have been refused by the incumbent.

The Cowles for Congress headquarters received no requests for comment from the Los Angeles Times prior to the publication of the Aug. 14 story. Mr. Cowles and his campaign staff will be glad to assist the Los Angeles Times in (the) future to prevent further omissions of this type.

Mr. Citron should remember Yogi Berra's comment: "It ain't over till it's over" and it ain't gonna be over until Nov. 8.


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