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'Needed: a Space Policy'

September 02, 1988

In response to The Times editorial "Needed: a Space Policy," Aug. 16:

The last thing that this nation needs is another space policy!

With child abuse, drug abuse, poverty, homelessness, hunger, war and ignorance running rampant in the world why would you be thinking of going into space again?

Yes, we can afford not to do it! The problems that trouble America and the rest of the world need some people who care about us here on Earth. The problems that continue to starve to death over 40,000 men, women and children every day need the military-industrial complex brains and resources to end world hunger.

Our local and national transportation system needs changing now. Why not put the aerospace companies to work on a national monorail system? Isn't it needed today? Wouldn't this provide needed jobs and begin the rebuilding of the American infrastructure as is needed? The Third World needs American technology, personnel and resources to enter the "land of the living." Why are you thinking of going to Mars when you have never been to Brazil? America could become incredibly wealthier by helping developing nations to get going. Let's all try to think of something we could do to improve our own planet before going to other places in the universe.

There must be some others that agree with my concept.


Santa Ana

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