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Marylouise Oates

Ink Spots, Fancy Steps at Sojourn

September 02, 1988|Marylouise Oates

This benefit sounds wonderful. How could it not--with the Ink Spots contributing to the mellow sounds at the one-night-only Sojourn Ballroom on Sept. 17.

Partygoers have caught the fancy dance steps of Bill and Keith Kieschnick for years. That's why their benefit appearance for Sojourn (the Westside haven for battered women and their children) will be carefully choreographed.

The party at Filmland Corporate Center promises to re-create Big Band music and has an honorary committee with big-time names (and an extraordinarily eclectic mix)--Sandra and Sheldon Ausman, Carole and Lod Cook, Marcia Weisman, Lily Tomlin, Richard and Lili Zanuck, former Atty. Gen. William and Jean Smith, Ed Asner, Mickey and Paul Ziffren, Assemblyman Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda, Blue Ribbon president Joanne and Roger Kozberg, Joan and Fred Nicholas, Harriet and Armand Deutsch, Wendy and Leonard Goldberg, Ernestine and Stanton Avery, Patty Duke, Maude and Richard Ferry and Gisela and Arte Johnson.

Now if just some of that amazing combination appears on the dance floor. . . .

BIG-NAME BASH--The evening is supposed to support theater (benefiting the Center Theatre Group/Ahmanson Theatre, as well as the Music Center Unified Fund). But the list of table buyers at the Century Plaza for the gala next Friday honoring Neil Simon and Bobby Fryer includes just about every movie mogul and maestro.

Starting with MCA's Lew Wasserman (the honorary chair), the glitz list includes Ray Stark, Creative Artist Agency's Michael Ovitz, Warner Brothers' Bob Daly, Norman Lear, Jerry Perenchio, Merv Adelson, Disney's Michael Eisner, Nick Vanoff, Doug Cramer, Marvin Davis and Gerald Oppenheimer.

Gary Pudney is the exec producer of the evening--but won't say much except that the show has music, dance, drama and "heart." Also, an increasing list of stars--since organizers have added Charlton Heston, Kirk Douglas, Peter Falk, Debbie Allen and Juliet Prowse.

MARKING TIME--Well, not exactly. Ten years ago, Judith Krantz had just written "Scruples," and Fred Hayman hosted her at a party at his Giorgio on Rodeo Drive--perfect, since the store figured in the book. Now, Hayman has invited a special list (and with his customers, you can count on well-known names and faces) to preview his newly remodeled store--and celebrate Krantz's new book, "Till We Meet Again." That happens Sept. 15. And, once one fights past the requisite paparazzi, it's a guaranteed good time.

GREAT INVITES WE HAVE SEEN--Best of the week--from Patti Skouras, whose green and white invitation "requests the pleasure of the company of the women she loves, admires, respects, enjoys, agrees with and disagrees with at a screening of 'The Wash.' "

The event is a matinee at the Music Hall Theatre on Sept. 14. After the artistic treat (which is, after all, a Skouras Pictures Release), the crowd heads for Kate Mantilini across the street for tea and desserts. . . .

Another wonderful women's event: Wallis Annenberg and Salome Jens in association with the American Film Institute's Directing Women's Workshop host "An Afternoon With Anne Sexton." Salome Jens' performance is called ". . . about Anne" and it's at AFI on Sept. 11). . . .

And here are two of those familiar looking cards from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. One announces that LACMA's president and trustees host a reception and viewing of the exhibit of "Robert Graham: The Duke Ellington Memorial in Progress" on Sept. 13.

That's a little added bonus to a very important event set for four days later, Sept. 17. That's the date of the dinner for major contributors and a preview of the new Pavilion for Japanese Art Shin'enkan.

GREAT OUT-OF-TOWN INVITES--The weekend of Sept. 22, former Postmaster General Bob Tisch and Loews Hotels' Robert Hausman and Jonathan Tisch host what they promise to be a "celebration weekend in New York so special . . . so exciting . . . so great." It's the anniversary and rededication of the Regency Hotel. So, please, make your super-saver plane reservations now. . . . Set for today in New York--the marriage of Eunice Forrester and noted lyricist Hal David. The happy couple said they will reside in New York and in Los Angeles (where the bride is well-known for her involvement with the Music Center's Blue Ribbon and The Group of Otis/Parsons.

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