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Slow-Growth Tops Homeowners' Survey

September 08, 1988|MARTHA L. WILLMAN | Times Staff Writer

A survey conducted by a Glendale homeowners group concludes that most residents favor stronger slow-growth policies in the city, greater limitations on high-density development and preservation of the landmark Alex Theatre and Glendale Civic Auditorium.

Results of the survey were officially made public Wednesday by the Royal Canyon Property Owners Assn. City officials withheld comment on the results because they said they had not had time to study responses.

However, Mayor Carl Raggio, who previewed a questionnaire sent out by the homeowners group, said many of the questions were general in nature and most of the answers were predictable.

Raggio also said the city already is dealing with most of the issues that were discussed, which include parking and traffic congestion, new retail and office development, and several proposals for a light-rail system.

Bert Finburgh, president of the homeowners group, said the questionnaires were mailed in mid-June to about 1,500 members of the group, which represents residents in a hillside neighborhood of Verdugo Canyon. About 190 residents responded.

The survey results included unattributed comments from residents ranging from opposition to proposed expansion of the Glendale Galleria to a suggestion that the city rehabilitate vast areas of South Glendale "to bring in responsible" low-income renters. One resident proposed that the city "set up local vigilante groups" to deter crime.

The majority of residents who responded oppose any development higher than five stories outside of the downtown redevelopment zone, favor a decrease in the permitted density of multifamily dwellings and overwhelmingly object to further hillside development.

Residents who live near Glendale College also said the college should provide more parking facilities to eliminate students parking in their neighborhoods.

Finburgh said results of the survey will be presented to the Glendale City Council.

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