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S.D. Course for Arts

September 10, 1988

In response to Jack Mathews' "Arts at Large" column in the Aug. 27 edition, I would like to say that on Aug. 23 I attended the "Spark Forum" where Victoria Hamilton, executive director of the Commission for Arts and Culture, stimulated an informative and exciting talk on public art.

During the discussion, the mayor's "quest for the eggs" came up and several people questioned the idea of spending so much time, effort and money on this project while San Diego goes without public art that current and future citizens may enjoy. Some felt frustrated at finding a way to communicate their feelings to the mayor's office, so I was pleased to read Jack Mathews' criticism of the event.

However, he is wrong when he says that the only criticism so far has been from . . . "badnewsnicks" . . . . There are other voices, Jack; they just didn't have the opportunity to speak.

I hope the mayor reads this paper because, as an educator, I would like to see Mayor O'Connor continue her interest in the arts. This quality is to be valued in a city leader. I would like a legacy of art left by the mayor and her administration. I would prefer it to be something our children can walk on, sit around, visually appreciate and wonder about.

As a recent visitor to Seattle, I saw and appreciated some wonderful and diverse public art, from a large-scale Japanese tea garden to a smaller-scale metal sculpture waterfall that introduced a note of serenity in a stressful workday downtown. I hope the mayor will consider these options to "egg art" or at least use the "festival" as a way to raise money and attention for much needed permanent art for the citizens.

One benefit to this approach could be the employ and recognition of local artists, some of whom enjoy international reputations.


La Mesa

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