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Coverage of Fair Housing Leader's Dismissal

September 10, 1988

As longtime members and supporters of the Fair Housing Council of the San Fernando Valley, we are distressed and saddened by your account of the recent dismissal of its executive director ("Fair Housing Leader Fired Over Alleged Jewish Slur," Aug. 17).

As subscribers, we are disappointed that the Los Angeles Times gave such prominent coverage to the dismissal of a staff person of such a small and relatively unknown organization. If it was anyone's intent to portray this matter as a black/Jewish problem, then your reporter and photographer were misused.

As black residents of the Valley, we know what a vital and important function the council fulfills by assuring fair and equal access to the housing market in the Valley, based solely on one's ability to pay and not the color of his/her skin. Such terms as "power play," "warring factions" and "surreptitious machinations" have no place in our council, whose only power is in the art of persuasion and its ability to police anti-discrimination laws, usually by volunteers of all colors, creeds and religions, working together for a common cause.

This cause has always enabled us to overcome any difference that may have arisen, solving conflicts in a creative and conciliatory manner within the organization and not degenerating into divisive and indefensible behavior.

That this situation is deemed newsworthy by The Times discredits all concerned. We who really believe in fair housing have a common bond that unites us and fosters respect for the views of each other.

Intolerance is not a part of the council's agenda. It cannot be otherwise.


Granada Hills





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