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September 11, 1988

Russell Blaine, if you have still not managed to get tickets to "Les Miserables"--don't (Calendar Letters, Aug. 28).

I got tickets for just the date I wanted in July, in the mezzanine, close to center. Big deal. For $45 per ticket my two companions and I were treated to the sight of the tops of the actors' heads as they sang forgettable songs and talked in sing-song voices while looking at their feet (or so it seemed from our perch).

Meanwhile the rotating stage rotated. And rotated. By intermission we were dizzy and disappointed. By the end of the play we cared not whether any of the characters lived or died, nor did we give a hoot about the French Revolution.

The stage alone had given us enough revolutions for the evening.

Mr. Blaine, exchange the French Revolution for the Russian Revolution. Go see "Nothing Sacred" at the Mark Taper Forum. Don't get front-row seats (the cigar smoke and dust are real), but get seats.

The $4 parking charge is not too much to pay for great actors in a thought-laughter-emotion provoking play on a stationary stage.


Los Angeles

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