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September 11, 1988|Sue Martin, New Orleans \f7

In case you missed the Sci Fic confab in New Orleans . . . we gotta give you the goods on "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier."

According to a rep for Paramount, the film will continue the light touch that (director) Leonard Nimoy brought out in "IV." But, the story's serious, as scripted by David Loughery, William Shatner and Harve Bennett.

To be directed by Shatner, principal photography begins Oct. 10, with most of the 14-week shoot set for the studio lot. All the usual suspects have rounded up--but, unlike "IV," which gave short shrift to some of 'em, the Par spokesrep promises "meaty" roles to all the Enterprise crewfolk.

With Shatner directing, lotsa Trekkies assume the story would be about his Capt. Kirk. Wrong! Look for Spock to be central.

Look for plenty more SF/fantasy sequels. Among the talked-about titles: "Predator 2," "Terminator 2," "Lethal Weapon 2," "Cocoon 2," "The Fly II," "Commando 2." In the higher-number brackets: "Aliens III" and "IV," "Indy Jones III" and a possible "Mad Max IV."

As an addendum to all the "Indy Jones" info (or lack thereof since Paramount's sooooo secretive about this one), the studio rep indicated there would be a new video tape comprised of three "The Making of . . . " documentaries about the Indy saga--complete with unseen footage. Coming to a video store near you next year.

The best quip regarding sequels came from Roger Rabbit (with Charlie Fleischer doing vocal honors): "Sequels? I don't like flashy jewelry myself--though I am fond of signet rings."

Touchstone Pics wouldn't confirm or deny there would be another Roger Rabbit film, though they would suggest the possibility that they'll make some 4-to-6-minute cartoons to possibly precede Touchstone/Disney features.

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