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Plans for Path on Aliso Creek Links

September 11, 1988

On Aug. 17, I attended an "Aliso and Wood Canyon GDP" presentation. I was very distressed upon hearing their plans concerning "Aliso Creek Golf Course," Laguna Beach's sole golf course.

The hiking and biking path they are proposing to build will diminish the parking area, destroy the practice area, the putting green and the building containing the restrooms, changing rooms, storage area and snack bar. As the 16-foot path travels alongside and over, in some cases, the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth golf holes, it narrows fairways and crosses tee-off areas.

This plan will virtually destroy this public golf course, which is used from sunrise to sunset.

As there would be a constant danger of hikers and bikers being struck by a golf ball, the plans include a fence that will curve over the top of the entire 16-foot path. This fence will be a horrific obstacle to the passage of wildlife, which is abundant in this area, as well as being destructive to the beauty of the area.

Another danger to be confronted by the bikers is entering Coast Highway near the intersection to Aliso Beach Park, which is noted for traffic and parking congestion.

The Orange County planners giving the presentation stated that they could do nothing to change their plans, because they are required by the "Master Plan for Aliso Canyon" to construct a bike and hiking path through the canyon to exit at the highway and beach.

The people who have the power to stop the plan are the Orange County supervisors. Those who are opposed to this plan should contact their supervisor.


Laguna Beach

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