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Supervisors on AIDS Prevention

September 13, 1988

The board has confirmed its prior decision not to fight AIDS among IV drug users.

The members of the Lesbian & Gay Caucus of the California Democratic Party are once again astonished at the obvious hatred of those in need.

Opponents spell out the immorality of giving bleach to an IV drug user. They remain firm in their belief that drugs impugn the spirit and the body. So they do.

The fact remains: tens of thousands of people in L.A. County use IV drugs. Without bleach and condoms we are inviting them to die in our crowded county hospitals and in our streets.

The gay and lesbian community has worked hard creating AIDS agencies to serve all people with AIDS and to keep others from getting it. It is discouraging in the extreme to realize that the supervisors are not going to bat along with us.



Lesbian & Gay Caucus

California Democratic Party


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