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Cudahy : Board OKs Seniors Housing

September 15, 1988

The Cudahy Development Review Board has given preliminary approval for construction of a 145-unit senior citizen housing project.

Final approval must be given by the Planning Commission, which will hold a public hearing next month before making a decision.

Members of the review board, including a City Council member, the city manager, the city engineer and the planning director, waived the city's density requirements to allow the development.

Normally, only 10 units are permitted per acre. This project, however, will be located on 2.9 acres.

The Rancho Cudahy project, 5110 through 5140 Elizabeth St., will be developed by Elizabeth Homes Ltd. of San Marino. The property, owned by Homes Ltd., now contains a number of dilapidated dwellings, according to city officials.

The planned two- and three-story one-bedroom apartment complex, which will be behind iron gates and have 24-hour security service, will include elevators, air conditioning and a 2,000-square-foot recreational building.

Senior citizens will be able to receive reduced rents through the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development housing subsidies.

Under a state law, the city is eligible to receive donated park land or development fees to create recreation areas to serve the increased population.

Under the law, known as the Quimby Act, the city will receive $400,000 from the developer, City Manager Gerald Caton said.

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