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HIGH LIFE : What Cruddy Thing Stirs Sibling Rivalry?

September 16, 1988|GABRIEL SALDIVAR

What does your brother or sister do that makes you really angry?

Why, you wonder, can't you get along like the kids on the "Cosby" show instead of like the two siblings on "Married With Children"?

It's not easy living with other human beings, especially when you're related to them.

This week's Hot Topics asks: "What do you fight most about with your brother or sister?"

"We just have petty fights; they're usually not very important."

Frank Shu, 15, sophomore, Corona del Mar

"My sister borrowing things or coming into my room."

Amber Leverett, 17, senior, Dana Hills

"The only time we get in an argument is when he starts to act too macho in front of his friends."

Julie Koontz, 17, senior, Dana Hills

"Usually over using the telephone--whose calls are more important."

Mark Gray, 17, senior, Dana Hills

"Nintendo--we fight about who gets the longest turn."

Jenny Smith, 14, freshman, Edison

"Who gets (to use) the telephone the most."

Julie Nitkin, 16, junior, Edison

"Clothes--who gets to wear what and when."

Amy Jensen, 15, sophomore, Edison

"We fight about just about everything, but the most is who gets the most attention from our mom."

Kim Porter, 13, freshman, Edison

"Priority over something--television, food and other possessions."

Cris Lowry, 17, senior, Estancia

"My brother likes to antagonize me and it bugs me."

Brett Barbaro, 16, senior, Estancia

"Everything not important."

Adam Groothuis, 16, sophomore, Estancia


Stephen Yin, 17, senior, Estancia

"Taking my things, especially clothes, and when I ask her for them she says she doesn't have them. When I look for them, they're in her room. This infuriates me!"

Julie Burden, 17, senior, Estancia

"My sister, who's 14, and I fight about who gets to use the curling iron first every morning."

Beth Bauer, 16, junior, Foothill

"My sister and I always fight about clothes and who gets to wear them."

Cori Barron, 16, junior, Foothill

"My sister and I always fight about who cleans up after our dog Gypsy."

Ingrid Schershel, 14, freshman, Foothill

"We fight with my brother about him taking up the TV with his video games."

Melissa Brooks, 14, freshman, Foothill

"We have our own opinions about everything and we debate them. We rarely argue but when we do it's over silly little things. Even though we argue sometimes, I learn a lot from him and I wouldn't trade him for the world."

Stacy Taylor, 15, sophomore, Foothill

"Money--if I have more money than he does, he gets mad, and if he has more, I get mad."

Derek Olry, 16, junior, Orange


Christina Chu, 16, junior, Orange

"Probably about his being in my room, because I have a TV in there and he's in there all the time."

Allison Snelson, 17, senior, Orange

"The phone--he never lets me use it when I want to, and if he's waiting for a call, he'll pick up the phone and make me hang up."

Tracey Brown, 17, senior, Orange

"With my sister it's my clothing, which she borrows whenever she feels like it without asking. My younger sister and I fight over whether or not I am her personal chauffeur. And both my brother and I collect 'Far Side' and 'Bloom County' T-shirts. We fight over who gets which shirt."

Anna Pezzetti, 16, senior, Orange

"I fight with my sister about who gets to watch cable TV."

Sheny Gutierrez, 15, sophomore, Orange

"Territorial rights."

Joshua Mathews, 15, sophomore, Orange

"We fight over life. Everything. But we probably fight the most about politics."

Grace Chen, 17, senior, University

"We don't fight a lot. We have nothing in common to fight about."

Negeen Darani, 17, senior, University

"I fight with my brother over food. He eats everything."

Tania Bailey, 17, senior, Valencia

"My brother and I fight over what television shows to watch."

Cindy Cheng, 15, freshman, Valencia

"My brother and I don't fight, but my sister and I fight because she is always on the phone."

Jay West, 16, junior, Valencia

"My brother bothers me when I'm trying to work, so that's why we fight."

Chris Huerth, 16, junior, Valencia

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Hot Topic responses gathered by Chris Bergerud, Joanna Brooks, Rebecca Leung, Chi Mai, Monica Neal, Hai Pham, Jana Swail and Tricia Wertner.

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