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Food Scarcity

September 18, 1988

Our communications editor, Louise Wagner of Irvine Temporary Housing, provided information for a small article in The Times recently in which she indicated that our food pantry was running low on food, especially cereal, rice, juice, powdered milk and flour.

We have been overwhelmed by the response, not only from Irvine residents but also from residents in Anaheim, Santa Ana, San Clemente and Dana Point.

Two women in an Anaheim beauty salon were discussing the article and decided to help. One sent a check for $50, and the other woman drove to the market and purchased a true windfall of food, which she delivered the same day.

The employees at Meyers Investment Properties Inc. in Anaheim wanted to contribute but due to the distance and time element could not deliver their food. Instead, they sent their food by United Parcel Service.

Some might ask--mail food? And to this I reply, why not? Whether our food for the needy is delivered to us from the back of camels, by wagon train, or by human, caring hands or yes, even via the UPS, it is with warm gratitude that we thank those of you who have made a commitment to a cause and then follow through.



Pat Swan is the volunteer coordinator for Irvine Temporary Housing Inc.

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