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September 18, 1988

It was with great attention that I read the following quotes from L. Francis Bouchey's column ("Pinochet Should Get His Prize, but He Shouldn't Stay," Op-Ed Page, Sept. 9) on Chile President Augusto Pinochet:

- "(Pinochet's) stature has risen sharply in the past year, and his prospects for an honest victory look excellent."

- "Pinochet's regime, although authoritarian and far from universally popular, is not technically dictatorial. . . ."

- "Chileans appear to be generally content with their lot and apathetic toward politics."

- A "leftist" survey concludes that " 'the dictatorship' and concern for human rights (are) far down on the list of people's concerns."

Absolutely incredible. Was this article a cruel joke? Sieg Heil, Herr Bouchey!


Los Angeles

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