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September 21, 1988

The Times is to be commended for its support of legislation that seeks to reduce prejudice in California schools ("Edging Away From Bias," editorial, Sept. 5). Courses in human relations and prejudice reduction should be a requirement throughout the state.

Educators in California and across the country have long been interested in programs that bring together students of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. For this purpose, the Los Angeles Unified School District and the American Jewish Committee created Hands Across the Campus seven years ago. The latest example of this partnership is a financial contribution by the AJC to train additional school staff and students.

Thousands of young people in Los Angeles have benefited from the two goals of Hands Across the Campus: teaching respect for diversity and learning about the dangers of hate groups. Indeed, students across the U.S. have participated in educational activities based on this approach. Hands Across the Campus has been commended by the Governor's Task Force on Civil Rights, the Los Angeles City Task Force on Family Diversity and UNICEF, which describes it as an outstanding example of the spirit of cooperation.


Region Superintendent

L.A. Unified School District


Regional Director

American Jewish Committee

Los Angeles Chapter

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