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Weight-loss Programs Available In Orange County

September 22, 1988|Clipboard researched by Susan Greene and Dallas Jamison / Los Angeles Times

Name: CareFast 1800 E. 17th St., Suite 105 Santa Ana (714) 558-6918

Cost: Initial visit: $125 includes physical, lab, EKG. $285 per month plus $40 per week for food boxes.

Vitamins/ Food: Vitamins in the food products.

Monitoring: See doctor and behaviorist weekly.

Exercise: No set program; behaviorist recommends exercise. Maintenance Program: First week one hour with behaviorist. Five food boxes per month. First six months free.

Daily Calories: For 30-pounds -and- over-program, 600 calories per day.

Name: Diet Center 4850 Barranca Parkway, Suite 206, Irvine (714) 552-1335

Cost: Six weeks $325; three weeks $190.

Vitamins/ Food: Counselor recommends proper vitamins. No special foods to buy.

Monitoring: Daily weigh-in and counseling.

Exercise: Recommends a 20 min. workout three days per week.

Maintenance Program: 5-phase comprehensive: 1--Conditioning; 2--Reducing; 3--Stabilization; 4--Come in once a week for a year; 5--Image I (1 video per week).

Daily Calories: Women: 950-1,200; Men: 1,000-1,300.

Name: Dr. Richard E. Zinkan 3682 Katella, Suite 2, Los Alamitos (213) 596-1629

(other locations in Orange County)

Cost: Program I-$100 initial visit includes lab work and physical. One week on program is $48 (other programs available).

Vitamins/ Food: Injections HCG and B vitamins, frozen meals, appetite suppressants and water medicine.

Monitoring: Daily weigh-in and counseling to teach good eating habits.

Exercise: Suggests exercise: e.g. brisk walking morning and night.

Maintenance Program: When you reach your goal, increase daily calories.

Daily Calories: 500-700. Can fluctuate depending on the individual.

Name: Jenny Craig Weight Loss 9 City Boulevard West, Number 64, Orange (714) 937-1474 (other locations in Orange County)

Cost: $185 for program; $50-55 per week for meals (3 per day).

Vitamins/ Food: Provides all vitamins one week in advance.

Monitoring: One-on-one counseling 20 minutes per week, weigh-in weekly.

Exercise: Program worked out for each individual.

Maintenance Program: Can return to center for one year to buy meals and see counselors.

Daily Calories: Women: 950; Men: 1,100.

Name: Dr. George E. Tiedeman 1076 E. First St., Tustin (714) 731-0081

(other locations inOrange County)

Cost: Lab work and physical $35-70. Program is $40 per week.

Vitamins/ Food: Provided with the program.

Monitoring: See doctor every week; vitamin injections three times per week.

Exercise: Suggested in moderation. No planned program.

Maintenance Program: Return to center once or twice per month to learn proper food behavior.

Daily Calories: 500-900.

Name: Saddleback Medical Clinic of Weight Control 11180 Warner Ave., Suite 151 Fountain Valley (714) 540-0511

Cost: Initial visit: $86 includes physical, lab work and first week of injections. Eight-week program is $36 per week.

Vitamins/ Food: Vitamins in the injections. No special foods.

Monitoring: Come to clinic daily for injection, weigh-in and consultation with nurse.

Exercise: No program

Maintenance Program: Move up gradually to 1,000 calories daily. Drink water daily.

Daily Calories: 500, with plenty of water.

Name: Weight Watchers 2041 W. Main St., Santa Ana (714) 835-5522

(other locations in Orange County)

Cost: 24 weeks-$155.; 12 weeks-$ 92.; $30 to join.; $8 per week.

Vitamins/ Food: N/A

Monitoring: Weigh-in weekly, keep food diary; no special foods.

Exercise: Recommended; booklet furnished

Maintenance Program: First week add 100 calories; if weight is gained, reduce calories; if weight is lost, increase. Continue until desired weight is found. After 6 weeks at desired weight you become a lifetime member.

Daily Calories:1st week: 950-1,150. 2nd week: 950-1,200.

3rd week: 975-1,235.

4th week: 1,040-1,250.

5th week: 1,040-1,350.

Maintain until goal is met.

Note: Nutri/System would not participate in survey. This is a sampling of weight-loss centers in Orange County. All prices are subject to change.

N/A Not applicable.

Source: Each individual weight-loss center.

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