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Portrayal of Alcohol in 'Roger Rabbit' as 'Magic Answer'

September 24, 1988

I've always thoroughly enjoyed cartoons, but I didn't like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit."

It wasn't the plot. That was too obscure and complicated to figure out. It wasn't the cruelty and violence. That's expected in cartoons where it has a silly, slapstick quality that makes it funny.

What bothered me was the portrayal of alcohol as the magical answer to any and all of life's problems--even for rabbits. Even worse was the hero's remedy for his admitted alcoholism--pour the whiskey out and throw the bottle as far as you can; now you'll be well forever. Such nonsense. Alcoholism is a disease, a family disease.

Although quitting drinking is essential, it is not recovery. Recovery demands outside help--help for the alcoholic, help for the family.


Medical Director, Family Recovery Services

St. Jude Hospital

Yorba Linda

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