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Supervisors' Raise

September 25, 1988

The Orange County supervisors have voted themselves a pay raise for the second time this year. What arrogance!

Do the voters realize how little the supervisors have decided to pay citizens who work at the polls on Election Day?

Precinct workers' hours are from 6:30 a.m. until often 10 p.m., sometimes later, on election days.

The inspector is responsible for receiving and checking the supplies, setting up and taking down the polling place, is in charge of the polling-place operation and must return the voted ballots and materials to a designated location at day's end. For this, the inspector is paid $42.

The judge and clerks receive $35. This is far below minimum wage. Why?

The supervisors had the nerve to give themselves two pay raises in one year. They are working for us and their constituents should be involved in any decision to increase salaries.


Santa Ana

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