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'Evils of Two Lessers:' Bush and Dukakis Campaigns

September 25, 1988

In response to "The Evil of Two Lessers," by William Schneider, Opinion, Sept. 18:

Schneider provides brilliant commentary exposing the wealth of weaknesses possessed by both of our major candidates for the presidency. Once again, our choices are humiliating.

However, when he comes to mention of what they should discuss, he becomes part of the problem. The federal deficit used by the Reagan Administration to buy prosperity is indeed a major problem. However, no one has been able to articulate the exact nature of the problem, not when or how its "price" must be paid.

A far more important and immediate (because of current events in the Soviet Union) problem is that of world peace. The present leadership of the U.S.S.R. is gambling its existence on our willingness to respond to the possibility of a world wherein there are no superpower "enemies." If they fail, we lose.

While we can't directly influence Soviet developments, we must elect someone who will have a balanced, but open-minded, willingness to hear them out, and to respond (if not lead) accordingly.

It's too early for something like the trade-off of sea bases, but what's the matter with exploring the offer of a joint space base at Krasnoyarsk?

These issues, which will determine our long-term policy toward accommodation with the Soviets, deserve debate in all their nuances even more so than the budget deficit! Why aren't the candidates discussing them?

Deficit--horsefeathers! Neither candidate will do anything about it. Let's force them to focus on the issues which count!



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