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San Diego County Digest

San Diego

September 28, 1988

A man whose father was killed by police in a drug raid at their home pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges of selling cocaine to an undercover policeman and a failure to appear in court on a similar charge that precipitated the fatal shooting.

Superior Court Judge Wayne Peterson scheduled an Oct. 17 trial on both charges for Charles DuBose, 36, of Southeast San Diego, who remains in custody in lieu of $25,000 bail.

At DuBose's preliminary hearing, a police informer testified that he solicited DuBose to buy a large amount of rock cocaine May 6.

The defendant was first arrested March 11 on suspicion of selling rock cocaine to an undercover officer, leading to the raid on the DuBose residence.

DuBose's father, Tommie, 57, was killed by a police officer when the elder DuBose allegedly confronted another officer as he burst through the front door of their home.

Police officials subsequently cleared the officer who fired the fatal shot of any wrongdoing, prompting the victim's family to sue the Police Department and city of San Diego.

The defendant allegedly failed to appear for a July 1 court hearing regarding his initial arrest. He was later arrested in Nebraska for a traffic offense, and extradited when authorities there learned of the warrant for his arrest in San Diego.

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