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D.A. Not Tough on Everyone

September 29, 1988

It would be natural to assume that Michael D. Bradbury is as tough on all criminals as he is on drunk drivers (L.A. Times, Sept. 1).

However, those who work within the Ventura County criminal justice system know this is not true. We have learned through difficult experiences that our district attorney is not motivated by a desire to uphold the law, but rather by a desire to pad his conviction percentages.

Thus, while Bradbury is applauded for vigorously prosecuting first-time drunk-driving offenders, he is quietly refusing to prosecute very serious felony crimes involving convicted criminals.

As a correctional peace officer, I have tracked numerous cases of felony assault. The great majority Bradbury refuses to prosecute.

Other times, Bradbury chooses to prosecute a felony assault case as a misdemeanor. In exchange for a reduction in charges, the criminal pleads guilty. This pleases both the criminal, who generally serves no additional jail time, and Bradbury, who gets to add a conviction to his success rates.

However, society loses out. Instead of being protected from these dangerous offenders, the public has these criminals released early to commit more crime.

Vigorous prosecution of drunk drivers is welcome. I hope that Bradbury will begin treating felony assault cases as seriously as he does these.



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