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Fashion Shows Designed for the Lunch Bunch

September 29, 1988|MARY LOU LOPER | Times Staff Writer

The city has been awash in divine fashion luncheons bringing out society in fall couture and jewels, both faux and real. The other day, John Martens at Neiman-Marcus orchestrated the multimedia, double-screened show in the Bistro Gardens Pavilion for 80 members of the National Arts Assn.

Fashion coordinator David Cardoza showed how haute couturiers borrow from one another, how bustles evolve into peplums, how overindulgence inevitably swings back to elegant simplicity in fashion. Thriving on the fashion education were association president Christine Fadel Hoffman, Countess Monique de Warren, Maude Chasen, Kay McKay, Rosemary Raitt, Marjorie Kolliner and Dale Snodgrass.

At the Los Angeles Pops Orchestra benefit chaired by Texas socialite Ceil Moore and the Keynote 88 Committee, Bill Blass, premiering his spring/resort line, was the center of attention. But so were New Yorkers Edward S. Finkelstein (chairman and CEO of R. H. Macy & Co) and his wife, Myra, who hosted a party upstairs at the Bistro the night before for Blass and Ceil Moore. Prominent in the luncheon crowd was the effervescent Rose Marie Bravo, the new chairman and CEO of I. Magnin and Bullocks Wilshire.

Betsy Bloomingdale arrived mid-luncheon and was seated at the head table with Blass. Nearby were Brent McDaneld, Marion Jorgensen and Giney Milner, Patsy Moller and Pam Clyne, Ginger Ludwick and Betty Leonard. Said Ceil Moore: "You'll know who the committee members are; they look tired!" Nevertheless, they looked wonderful: Sophie Mastor, president; Helen Lambros, Olive Varga (she's just gone on the board of the John Douglas French Foundation for Alzheimer's Disease, and had Dorothy Kirsten French as her guest), Dina Oldknow and her sister, Soula Capsalis from Athens.

And, at the Regency Club, Maria Ferrero, good friend of David Murdock's, gave a very exclusive mini-fashion luncheon feting Paris couturier Hanae Mori, in town to debut her couture as the highlight of the Japan Week L.A. 1988 gala Tuesday at the Universal Sheraton.

Top New York runway model Diane DeWitt was among the models flown in for the occasion. Laura Ariyoshi, wife of the former governor of Hawaii, was with Madame Mori and her son, Kei, and husband, Ken. After lunch chat on weight and exercise and the pain of it all, everyone indulged in Regency chocolates, including Joanna Carson, Billie Ruth Galef, Elaine Goldsmith, Patsy Moller, Jane Rees and Shelly Clark.

DOUBLE KUDOS: Maestro Mehli Mehta's gift in leading young musicians to greatness was evident the other evening at his 80th birthday celebration hosted by the boards of the American Youth Symphony and the American Youth Symphony Affiliates. Mehta conducts the Youth Symphony. His son, Zubin Mehta, New York Philharmonic conductor, flew in with his wife, Nancy, for tributes; so did his son, Zarin, the executive director of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra with his wife, Carmen. Actor Lew Ayres attested to Mehta's devotion to classical music. There may be another Mehta on the podium; Mehli's great-grandson 5-year-old Daniel has already waved the baton. . . .

The Claremont McKenna College Alumni Assn. last week gave its Distinguished Achievement Award to two of America's top financiers, both graduates: Henry Kravis and George Roberts. (They were on the July cover of Fortune.) Roberts' wife, Leanne Bovet, attended, but Kravis' wife, Carolyne Roehm, the socially prominent New York designer, did not. President Jack L. Stark noted that both gentlemen are major donors to CMC. . . .

Jane and Joseph Messler gathered friends in their pretty patio Sunday evening to create interest in the Crown Circle of California Music Theatre. . . .

Donald B. Rice, president and CEO of the Rand Corporation, was in the forefront the same afternoon with a "reservations required" open house for Rand's 40th anniversary.

BIG WEEK: Producer Stephen J. Cannell and May Company president Kenneth F. Sokol get the big tributes Friday evening at the Hunger Hero Awards Tribute Dinner at the Century Plaza. Ben Vereen will perform for the black-tie audience. Proceeds benefit Love Is Feeding Everyone. . . .

Pitzer College will stage a benefit screening of "Gorillas in the Mist" Friday at Universal Studios, say benefit chair Constance A. Austin and Pitzer president Frank Ellsworth. . . .

The Eddie Cantor Charitable Foundation will host its "Night of Distinction" ceremony Friday at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Among those being honored are Cynthia and Hal Gershman. . . .

The Sheraton Corporation and Shoreline Square Associates will celebrate the grand opening of the Sheraton Long Beach Hotel and salute the closing of the Long Beach Centennial Friday evening in the Centennial Ballroom.

ORIGINALS: The late Hernando Courtright had his Hideaway at the Beverly Wilshire; Merv Griffin has his Merv's Corner in the new lobby lounge at the Beverly Hilton.

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