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HIGH LIFE : Teen-Agers Pick Their Favorite Magazines

September 30, 1988

Most magazines are small enough in dimensions to fit comfortably inside a textbook, thus making them the reading material of choice in most classrooms.

Hot Topics asks: "What's your favorite magazine and why?"

"Teen--it has good ads."

Grace Uhm, 14, freshman, Connelly

"Sports Illustrated--I am an avid sports fan. I like reading about sports, and I play them."

Eric Conner, 15, freshman, Esperanza

"National Geographic--I would like to write for them in the future."

Karen Wilson, 16, junior, Esperanza

"Vogue--it has a lot of stories that deal with teen-age problems and a lot of fashion articles."

Alicia Dunwoody, 15, sophomore, Esperanza

"People--it has that gossip stuff, but it's true."

Curtis Kin, 16, senior, Foothill

"It's a tossup between Runners World and GQ."

Tara Swuan, 15, junior, Foothill

"Time--I love political issues."

Julie Ehret, 15, sophomore, Foothill

"US--it has pictures of so many celebrities in it."

Jennifer Bernstein, 16, junior, Foothill

"Dragon--I'm interested in dungeons and dragons."

Mike Estrick, 17, senior, Fullerton

"Tennis--I like the feature articles and the instructional tips, even though I don't need them."

Shreyas Amin, 17, senior, Fullerton

"Compute Gazette--I love computers."

Danny Clark, 17, senior, Heritage

"Glamour--it talks about fashion and makeup and things like that."

Glenel Zeilstra, 17, senior, Heritage

"Hot Rod--it shows cool cars."

Dante Bullock, 14, freshman, Heritage

"Sassy--it doesn't deal with the powder-puff issues. They're honest, and they give you the facts."

Priya Singh, 17, senior, Kennedy

"Wildlife--I enjoy reading about problems and solutions having to do with our environment and the wildlife in it."

Barbara Breeley, 17, senior, Kennedy

"Modern Drummer--I love the drums, and they always have a lot of good information and articles about drums."

Christy Nelis, 17, senior, Rosary

"Vanity Fair--it is up-to-date on the latest and hottest fashions all over the world and has interesting and believable interviews."

Debbie Ramirez, 17, senior, Rosary

"Elle--the fashions are exotic and they always have a natural look. The articles don't insult my intelligence with trendy words and people."

Danielle Herdenreich, 17, senior, Rosary

"Cosmopolitan--it has lots of good articles, they're up to date on fashion and they have a monthly horoscope. The magazine deals with lots of issues that are important in life for women every day."

Cyndee Lilja, 16, senior, Rosary

"Teen--it has up-to-date articles on fashion and hygiene techniques."

Janis Humphrey, 15, sophomore, Santa Ana

"Sheet Music--it shows you the latest in songs that you would like to sing and gives you the chance to see what others are singing."

Rebekah Shaw, 17, senior, Santa Ana

"Seventeen--I like to read the poems."

Carin Ming, 15, sophomore, Southern California Christian

"Seventeen--I like the advice on beauty and health."

Amy Harris, 16, junior, Trabuco Hills

"The tabloids--I like to know all the latest gossip about the celebrities. Even if it isn't true, it usually gives me something to laugh at."

Vidal Perez, 15, junior, Trabuco Hills

"Mademoiselle--I like to see the new fashions."

Julie Ergmann, 17, senior, Valencia

"National Geographic--the photography."

Josh Campbell, 15, sophomore, Valencia

"Surfing or Surfer--they are action-packed.

Reynaldo Santos, 16, senior, Valencia

"Bicycle Guide--I like to see what new products are out."

Phil Yanan, 16, junior, Valencia

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Hot Topic responses gathered by Nikki Boramanand (Connelly), Joanna Brooks (Foothill), Angela Conner (Esperanza), John Doney (Heritage), Stephanie Jeffers (Trabuco Hills), Soojin Kang (Kennedy), Jason Loeb (Fullerton), Chi Mai (Southern California Christian), Gabriel Saldivar (Santa Ana), Kim Snow (Rosary) and Jana Swail (Valencia).

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