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October 02, 1988|Staff Writer Jerry Hicks

Prosecutors in the Randy Steven Kraft murder trial say a paper with 61 entries, found in his car trunk when he was arrested May 14, 1983, is a death list--Kraft's own score card of how many young men he had killed dating back to late 1971.

Kraft's attorneys deny it is a death list, and call it meaningless information that will only inflame his jury. Kraft himself, in a 1983 interview, called the list nothing more than references to friends of his and his roommate at the time.

Whatever the explanation, it is expected to become a critical piece of evidence at his trial, which enters its second week of testimony Monday.

It was not until last week that Superior Court Judge Donald A. McCartin made public the complete list, plus prosecutors'

papers showing how they claim the list is tied to alleged Kraft victims.

Kraft is charged with 16 Orange County murders. But prosecutors have accused him of a total of 45 murders, including six in Oregon and two in Michigan. They claim that 43 of those 45 can be tied to the list.

The only ones not on the list, they say, are the last two victims: Eric Herbert Church, 21, found Jan. 27, 1983, in Seal Beach, and Terry Lee Gambrel, 25, a dead Marine found in Kraft's car when he was arrested.

The graphic below shows the 61 entries on the list, and how prosecutors link them to alleged victims. The victims whose bodies were found in Orange County have white numbers.

1. STABLE--Wayne Joseph Dukette, 30, of Long Beach; his body was found Oct. 5, 1971, at the bottom of a ravine next to Ortega Highway in south Orange County. Prosecutors estimate the time of his death as two weeks earlier. Cause of death could not be determined, but pathologists say he suffered from acute alcohol intoxication.

He was last seen at the Stables Bar in Sunset Beach, where he was a bartender. His car was found in the Stables lot. Kraft at the time worked at the Broom Hilda, a gay bar next to Stables, and was a frequent Stables customer. "Stable" is the first entry on the Kraft list, and prosecutors claim Dukette is the earliest Kraft victim.

2. ANGEL--Name unconnected to any unsolved murder.

3. EDM--Edward Daniel Moore, 20, a Marine from Camp Pendleton, found Dec. 26, 1972, at the interchange of the San Gabriel and San Diego freeways in Seal Beach. Prosecutors say he had been strangled three days earlier. A sock was stuffed in a body cavity. The body had been re-dressed when found. (Part of the 16 murder charges on which Kraft is being tried.)

4. HARI KARI--Name unconnected to any unsolved murder.

5. AIRPLANE HILL--John Doe found on Ellis Street between Golden West and Gothard streets in Huntington Beach. The body had been re-dressed. Victim was sodomized and emasculated. Prosecutors say the area was known to local residents in the 1950s, when Kraft lived in nearby Midway City, as Airplane Hill. (Part of 16 murder charges.)

6. MARINE DOWN--Name unconnected to any unsolved murder.

7. VAN DRIVEWAY--Name unconnected to any unsolved murder.

8. 2 IN 1 MV TO PL--Name unconnected to any unsolved murder(s).

9. TWIGGIE--James Dale Reeves, 19, of Cypress, found Nov. 27, 1974, near the San Diego Freeway in Irvine. His body was nude except for a T-shirt. A 4-foot-long twig was stuffed into a body cavity. His car was found in the parking lot in front of the Ripples Bar in Long Beach, which Kraft frequented. Cause of death could not be determined.

10. VINCE M--Vincent Cruz Mestas, 23, of Long Beach, found Dec. 29, 1973, at the bottom of a ravine in a mountain area of San Bernardino County. His body had been re-dressed except for his shoes. A sock had been stuffed into a body cavity and his genitals mutilated. His hands had been severed from his body. Cause of death was strangulation. He was last seen by a roommate at their home three days before. It was a few blocks from Kraft's home at the time.

11. WILMINGTON--John Doe found Feb. 6, 1973, along the Terminal Island Freeway in the Wilmington area, nude, with a sock stuffed in a body cavity.

12. LB MARINA--Name unconnected to any unsolved murder.

13. PIER 2--Thomas Paxton Lee, 25, of Long Beach, found Aug. 3, 1974, on a pier in an oil field area of Long Beach Harbor, fully clothed. Cause of death was strangulation.

14. DIABETIC--Name unconnected to any unsolved murder.

15. SKATES--John William Leras, 17, of Long Beach, found Jan. 4, 1975, floating in the surf at Sunset Beach. A wooden surveyor's stake had been stuffed into a body cavity. He was seen the day before, boarding a bus en route to a roller skating rink carrying new skates, and leaving the bus near the Ripples Bar. Cause of death was suffocation.

16. PORTLAND--Name unconnected to any unsolved murder.

17. NAVY WHITE--Name unconnected to any unsolved murder.

18. USER--Name unconnected to any unsolved murder.

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