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October 02, 1988|Staff Writer Jerry Hicks

52. PORTLAND RESERVE--Anthony Jose Silveira, 29, found Dec. 18, 1982, near Medford, Ore., nude, with a toothbrush stuffed into a body cavity. He had been sodomized. Silveira had recently completed duty in the National Guard. He was last seen Dec. 3, 1982, hitchhiking to a Guard drill in Medford. Cause of death was strangulation.

53. PORTLAND HEAD--Brian Harold Witcher, 26, found Nov. 28, 1982, near Wilsonville, Ore., near Interstate 5, fully clothed but without shoes or socks. He had been thrown from a moving vehicle. He was last heard from five days earlier and last seen in Portland, Ore. Prosecutors so far have not explained the "Head" connection on the Kraft list.

54. GR 2--Dennis Patrick Alt and Christopher Alan Schoenborn, two cousins, both 20, found together Dec. 9, 1982, in a field several miles from the Amway Grand Hotel in Grand Rapids, Mich., where they were attending a horticulture convention.

Alt, of Comstock Park, Mich., was clothed except for his missing boots and his genitals were exposed. Cause of death was asphyxia by choking. Schoenborn, of Conklin, Mich., was found nude with an Amway Grand Hotel pen stuffed into a body cavity. Cause of death was strangulation.

Recently unsealed prosecution papers allege for the first time new evidence linking the victims to Kraft.

Prosecutors say the two were last seen alive talking with Kraft in the hotel bar the night before their bodies were found. Alt's vehicle keys were found in Kraft's hotel room after he vacated it on Dec. 8. Also, a Federal Land Bank bottle opener belonging to one of the victims and Schoenborn's jacket were found at Kraft's Long Beach home.

55. MC PLANTS--Name unconnected to any unsolved murder.

56. SD DOPE--Mikeal Laine, 24, of Modesto, found Jan. 19, 1984--nearly a year after Kraft's arrest--in a remote mountain area near Ramona in San Diego County. No clothes were found with skeletal remains.

He was last seen Nov. 21, 1982, without transportation in the Buena Park area. He was known for frequent drug usage and had a drug arrest on his record. His name was not added to the Kraft case until his remains were discovered.

57. HIKE OUT LB BOOTS--Keith Arthur Klingbiel, 23, of Everett, Wash., found July 8, 1978, in a traffic lane of northbound Interstate 5, just south of the La Paz exit in Mission Viejo. He was last seen the day before hitchhiking from Everett to San Diego, where his mother lived.

He had been burned with an automobile cigarette lighter on the left nipple. A boot lace was missing from his left hiking boot. He had been dumped from a moving vehicle. Cause of death was drug poisoning and strangulation. A Long Beach matchbook was in his pocket. (Part of 16 murder charges.)

58. ENGLAND--Name unconnected to any unsolved murder.

59. OIL--Name unconnected to any unsolved murder.

60. DART 405-- Michael Joseph Inderbieten, 20, of Long Beach, found Nov. 18, 1978, at the San Diego and San Gabriel freeways' interchange. His body was nude except for pants pulled down below his waist. He had been emasculated and sodomized. Cause of death was suffocation. (Part of 16 murder charges.)

61. WHAT YOU GOT--Name unconnected to any unsolved murder.

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