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Deukmejian Signs Bills

October 11, 1988

The Time was right in criticizing Deukmejian for vetoing key recycling legislation, which was recently approved by the Legislature (editorial, "Wasted Effort," Sept. 28).

Solid-waste disposal is a major problem in California. Two-thirds of our urban areas will be out of landfill space within 8 years. Landfills and waste-to-energy plants present major air pollution and ground-water quality problems. Recycling is the most cost-effective and environmentally compatible alternative.

The Legislature showed leadership this year by approving AB 3298 (Killea and Cortese), which would require each city and county to recycle 25% of its solid waste. While the Legislature was considering this bill, the governor was repeatedly asked for his comments. He never even made a suggestion.

Given this void in gubernatorial leadership, the Legislature took the issue on and approved an excellent recycling bill. However, at the request of special interests in the waste-hauling industry, the governor vetoed the bill.

Within a few years, California may well experience the problems of the East Coast--nowhere to take our garbage.

California has a problem even greater than our solid-waste crisis. We have a governor who not only refuses to lead--but one who has become the major obstacle to environmental progress in California.


General Counsel

Planning and Conservation League


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