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A's Have Nothing on 2-0 Dodgers : Hershiser Keeps O-akland on String With 3-Hit, 6-0 Win

October 17, 1988|SAM McMANIS | Times Staff Writer

McGwire, 0 for 6 in the series, hit into both double plays after Parker singles.

The Dodgers' fifth-inning double play was perhaps their most spectacular of the season. McGwire hit a hard grounder deep in the hole between shortstop and third base. Griffin fielded the ball and, on the run, made a well-aimed, side-armed throw to Sax at second. Fighting off the oncoming Parker, Sax made the turn at second and completed the double play.

"Alfredo gave me a great ball to deal with," Sax said. "It was right there. It was a little difficult to make that play with that running condominium (Parker) coming at me. Parker yells at you, too, when he's sliding, so it's a little tough."

Though Hershiser said he was winded, not tired, there was the slightest hint Sunday that Hershiser's seemingly indefatigable right arm might wear out.

The first sign came in the third inning. Hershiser was breezing along with 2 out and 2 strikes on Davis, when he suddenly walked off the rubber and seemed to be fussing with his right leg. He shook it, then did a quick knee bend. Scioscia came to the mound, and Hershiser eventually went back to work and struck out Davis.

Once in the dugout, Hershiser said he received an ammonia treatment from trainer Bill Buhler, and cold towels were applied to the Dodger pitcher's face.

"It was an odd day for Los Angeles at this time of the year," Hershiser said. "It was very hot. I sent Charlie Strasser (the assistant trainer) to get ammonia water and towels."

Suitably revived, Hershiser then turned his attention to getting some runs.

Hershiser's single up the middle began the third-inning rally that culminated with Marshall's home run. Sax's single to right then moved Hershiser to third, the Dodger pitcher beating the throw with a hook slide.

Up came Stubbs, who was 0 for 4 in Game 1. This time, his single to right scored Hershiser and moved Sax to third.

Hershiser said his initial fatigue came from running the bases. And, on this night, he ran with an injury-free Gibsonian abandon.

"This is the World Series, so you go all out," Hershiser said. "When the ball went through, I was running as hard as I can. When I got to third, Joey (Amalfitano, the third base coach) said, 'What are you doing?' When I got to the dugout, Tommy had a few more gray hairs."

Actually, Lasorda barely had time to notice Hershiser. He wanted more runs.

Hatcher hit a high chopper up the middle that somehow eluded both shortstop Walt Weiss and second baseman Glenn Hubbard and trickled into center field to score Sax and give the Dodgers a 2-0 lead. Weiss, who made an outstanding defensive play an inning earlier, dove in front of the base and just missed the ball. Hubbard then lunged for it and missed.

Stubbs went to third on the hit, and Hatcher took second on the throw to third.

With first base open, Oakland Manager Tony La Russa had the option of intentionally walking Marshall to load the bases for Shelby. Marshall had faced Davis three times before Sunday night, producing 2 hits. But, in the first inning, Marshall had looked bad striking out.

This time, it was Marshall's turn to make Davis look bad. After taking 2 strikes, Marshall hit a high fly to left field. Parker reacted as if the ball would stay in play. He seemingly drifted back at a leisurely pace until, suddenly, he found his back to the fence.

All Parker could do was watch and Marshall's blast cleared the fence and landed on the edge of the left-field pavilion.

Hershiser, an expert bunter who hit .129 with 6 RBIs in the regular season, finished the scoring with his double down the right-field line that sent Davis to the showers.

Will Lasorda think of using Hershiser as the club's designated hitter?

"Yeah," Lasorda deadpanned.

Then, he added: "That's what makes Orel such a great athlete. He showed you tonight he could do it all. But I don't worry about Orel's hitting. I want him out there pitching."

But Lasorda will have to wait until Game 5 Thursday night in Oakland before Hershiser pitches again. Given the Dodgers' 2-0 lead in the series, it is conceivable that Hershiser could be pitching with an opportunity to clinch the World Series title.

"This team hasn't taken anything for granted all season, going right back to spring training," Scioscia said. "We've got 2 wins. Until we get 2 more, it's anybody's series. If you think too far ahead, you get in trouble."

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