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Taking a Back Seat in Giving : County Lags in Comparisons of Support for United Way : CHARLES R. RINEHART

October 24, 1988|Maria L. La Ganga | Times Staff Writer

A. Take Fluor as an example. (The late J. Robert) Fluor, who was CEO, was a very strong believer in the United Way. The corporate contribution, which was large and significantly cut back, and also the employee participation, have been cut back. In a company like that, which has a really strong backing of the CEO, you tend to get very high participation among the employees. So when those employees are eliminated, there is a significant impact on the United Way.

Q. What companies do you want to get more from?

A. Any company, particularly any large company that has not let us in the door.

Q. Any one you can think of off hand?

A. None that I probably should mention, because it will slam the door for sure. We don't need that problem. I have to confess that I'm tempted at times to publicly read the list and find out if those people who have those beliefs, really believe them strongly enough to let it be public.


Selected areas ranked by amount raised per capita

Amount Amount Total Amount Raised per Raised per Area Population Raised Capita Employee Hartford, Conn. 655,546 $21.5 million $32.81 $61.91 Minneapolis 1,320,912 $36.8 million $27.86 $49.36 Seattle 1,371,400 $34.3 million $25.00 $47.32 St. Paul 695,390 $16.3 million $23.44 $43.24 Washington, D.C. 3,223,200 $59.3 million $18.40 $32.12 Santa Clara Co. 1,409,100 $21.6 million $15.32 $28.40 San Francisco 3,532,900 $47.0 million $13.31 $25.96 Orange County 2,177,300 $16.7 million $ 7.87 $13.90

Source: United Way

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