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Santa Monica-Malibu Incumbents Join Forces to Fight Off Challengers

October 30, 1988|JOHN L. MITCHELL | Times Staff Writer

Challengers Kayn and Izad have been involved in the district through their work on the health advisory committee. Their opposition to the incumbents has more to do with the board's political tilt.

"I want to see a more balanced board, one that's more representative of the community," said Izad, a 43-year-old interior designer. "This board has a very liberal viewpoint, and I am a much more conservative person."

Izad and Kayn were critical of the district's handling of a state-issued high school survey on AIDS that was distributed to students without parental permission.

Kayn said it was an example of the board's desire to take away parental rights.

"They want to make the school system a giant social-service system, and the first victims are the families," said Kayn, a 44-year-old lighting designer. "The board wants the district to become a great health-care provider under the influence of Planned Parenthood."

Kayn said that although the board has not acted to put a health clinic on the high school campus, he fears that might be the district's next move.

On his campaign statement, Kayn said he was chairman of a Westside chapter of Citizens for Educational Excellence, an arm of the National Assn. of Christian Educators. He has since said he has quit the group, which has ties to Christian fundamentalists. In June, he was among a group of parents trying to persuade Culver City High School officials to ban a library book on teen-age sexuality. Kayn said the book was outdated.

"I am a Christian, and I make no bones about that, it's the base of my standards in life," he said. "But today when you say Christian, people lump you with Jim and Tammy Bakker and Jerry Falwell. I have never given the board the impression that I have a fanatic agenda."

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