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'Buried Issues' in the Presidential Race

November 05, 1988

Bush's hard line on crime sounds good. Protect the victim, not the criminal. Make our streets safe again for law-abiding citizens. Our question is, how did those streets become so unsafe in the first place?

Are we better off than we were eight years ago? In 1980 we did not have a fraction of the gang-related deaths we do now. We were not bombarded with the gang graffiti on our public and private property, nor did we live with the continual fear of being in the right place at the wrong time.

We have difficulty seeing evidence of a hard line against crime when Panamanian strongman Gen. Manuel Noriega flourishes, when highly placed public officials lie, cheat and steal, and when an Administration waits until just before an election to take any definitive action.

Bush has been deliberately vague about his specific solutions.

George, where was your hard line against crime in these last eight years?



Los Angeles

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