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Controversy Over Crosswalks

November 12, 1988

Beachwood Drive--a true Hollywood area "speedway."

Two elderly people were struck and killed by hit-and-run drivers recently on Beachwood Drive (Metro, Oct. 28).

According to Sgt. Tony Morgan, a Los Angeles Police Department traffic officer, these individuals just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A most idiotic remark to make. Then, to add to this, Robert Takasaki, a city transportation engineer, stated that after some conclusive studies, Beachwood did not warrant crosswalks or stoplights due to lack of enough traffic.

Elderly people live up and down this area. They want and require as much consideration as people in any other area. And because Beachwood Drive is a rather long and often curving street with absolutely no crosswalks or stoplights from Franklin uphill to the shoping center area, one has to stop and think about the safety of pedestrians--whether or not there is enough traffic to warrant this assistance.

I might add that as a resident of the general area for nearly 20 years, I can attest to the fact that drivers use Beachwood as a "freeway" going at excessive speeds only because there are no barriers to slow things down.

I would hope that both the Traffic Department and the transportation people would take a good long look and think again where the priorities should be. The cost of painting some crosswalks is no big deal, and one or two traffic lights would help as well. Do what needs to be done to protect pedestrians.


Los Angeles

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