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Candidate Tells His Side of the Story

November 17, 1988

I take exception to the article written by Meg Sullivan in the Nov. 3 Ventura County section of the Times. She spent three hours interviewing me (as an Oxnard mayoral candidate), and gave an extremely negative report on my activities in the city of Oxnard and the county of Ventura.

The negative reporting begins with the lawsuit involving the city of Oxnard and myself. I did not sue the city of Oxnard for $12.40; the city sued me. I lost in Municipal Court, but appealed to the Superior Court and won.

I contended that the city violated Prop. 13. The assessment was a special tax, for a special purpose, to go into a special fund. It cost the city over $500 to attempt to collect $12.40 that was illegal to begin with.

As for the lawsuit against my mobile home park owner, Ms. Sullivan belittles my efforts. This case (in which the Second District Court of Appeals struck down a provision of Oxnard's mobile home rent control ordinance) is having a vital impact on all mobile home owners.

It is quite evident that Ms. Sullivan was either not paying attention or listening when I told her that I had been in communication with Fleetwood Enterprises regarding the costs and availability of manufactured homes. The average cost of the new improved homes would be about $30,000. I believe my idea of manufactured houses (for affordable housing) is a definite. No other candidate made any effort.

As for Ms. Sullivan's assertion that I was making a bold campaign proposal regarding roadblocks to stop gangs from coming into Ventura county, I have already spoken to Ventura County Sheriff John Gillespie. He told me his department and the L.A. sheriff have been working together to combat that problem. I suggested to the sheriff that cars could be stopped, just as they do when looking for drunk drivers. He thought that was a splendid idea, especially since the information from L.A. on the gangs has been very informative.

Ms. Sullivan, in her efforts to keep the article negative, did not mention that I am a 38-year member of the Boy Scouts of America, still active. I showed her my Silver Beaver award and certificates signed by three Presidents of the United States.

Ms. Sullivan ignored the plaque I received from Retired Senior Volunteers Program in September.

Ms. Sullivan evidently came to do a hatchet job on (City Council candidate) Roy Lockwood and myself.

I believe that anyone who is willing to run for an elected position should be honored and not belittled. Only narrow-minded people who would kick people unable to defend themselves against the power the press has would take advantage of that type of position.



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