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UC Personnel

November 24, 1988

This year the University of California president's office published an employment analysis of university personnel. I have examined these data and made some quick calculations; the results are suggestive, especially in light of the continuing budget crunch.

UC employs 113,227 people of whom 36,233 are students. Thus, the number of non-student employees is 76,994.

Eliminating researchers, librarians and cooperative extension personnel left me with three categories: administrative, staff and teaching. The total personnel in these three categories is 70,420.

Staff account for 62% of all these people. There are 15,436 administrators, or 22% of the 70,240 total non-student personnel. Combining the staff and administrative categories, nearly 85% of all university employees have jobs in which they do not teach. Thus, teachers comprise only 15% of UC employees.

Given 15,436 administrators and 11,671 faculty, administrators outnumber teachers 1.3 to 1! What are they all doing?


Executive Director

UC-American Federation

of Teachers

La Jolla

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