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Palestinian Declaration of Statehood

November 26, 1988

Your editorial is a put-down. Your biases are showing.

The importance of what happened at the Algiers meeting should not be belittled. Momentous decisions have been made. The Palestine Liberation Organization leadership knows that the lives of many Palestinians are being placed in danger. They feel their responsibility for the future of their people and they know their words will be twisted, their intentions questioned and their efforts will be ridiculed by some people with opposing goals.

They acted because the Palestinians of the occupied territories want out from under the horrible conditions that have been imposed on them by the Israelis for too many years. The Palestinians have been saying to their leaders that they have had enough. They are the ones who are suffering while the American press expresses sympathy for the poor Israeli soldiers who are being forced to beat civilians, break bones, kill children, threaten women and carry out other orders of the Israeli leadership.

The daily lives of the Palestinians are lived under intolerable conditions. Americans would not tolerate living like this. How can we expect it of others? Why can't we understand their suffering, their desire for freedom, their rights that have been taken away from them?

Palestinians have lived in danger for years. They are in danger now. Their protests have been ignored in the past. The throwers of stones are sending out messages with each stone.

The activities in Algiers were a response to the people of the occupied territories who have been sending messages to their leaders. The Times may call it "razzle-dazzle" but I think better words could be found. Perhaps The Times just does not like the message.



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