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Willie Brown

December 01, 1988

Your editorial "Missing the Point" (Nov. 11) also is missing the point on one big issue.

Although I agree with your premise that "the reason that all the propositions have been getting onto the ballot is that California has not had a governor and a Legislature responsive to public needs, a Legislature with the ability to cut through special-interest influences and a governor willing to consider any view other than his own"--I don't, however, agree that the election provides fresh hope for leadership from the Legislature.

You said, "An enhanced Democratic majority should allow Assembly Speaker Willie Brown (D-San Francisco) to lead without spending his time fending off repeated attempts to overthrow him."

Willie Brown and his leadership is the reason the Assembly responds only to special-interest groups. Brown has had years to provide some leadership and has done nothing.

This is why a few good Democratic assemblymen have been attacking his leadership. Brown made it very clear with his tactics against the "Gang of Five" that if you don't go along with the Speaker and his special-interest then you don't have committee assignments, offices, etc.

I am a lifelong Democrat who feels Brown's leadership has been a disaster to the Democratic Party and California. The sooner he is gone as Assembly Speaker the sooner our party and state will prosper.



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