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HIGH LIFE : Students Fear the Ominous Approach of Real Life

December 02, 1988

It's not as if you have a choice in the matter: Everybody grows up and is on their own sooner or later.

Hot Topics wonders: "What scares you most about growing up and being on your own?"

"Getting into a good college, choosing a career, growing old and knowing who to trust scares me most about growing up."

Courtney Richards, 13,

freshman, Bethel Baptist

"I will have to do everything for myself--pay my bills, get a well-paying job, stay happy and please the people I love. But I know I won't be on my own; I have the Lord to depend on."

Tisha Roldan, 16,

junior, Bethel Baptist

"The thing I am the most scared about is if I'm going to be successful. I have spent so many hours and have put so much time into school, I just don't want it to be for nothing."

Leah Bayless, 17,

senior, Esperanza

"Graduation, because after it's over I won't see my everyday acquaintances anymore."

Jennifer Johns, 17,

senior, Esperanza

"Once I get out of college, I won't know what to do or what I want to be."

Teresa Perada, 15,

sophomore, Esperanza

"Wondering if my life will be exactly how I expect it to be."

Susan Harris, 17,

senior, Esperanza

"Having to cook for myself."

Brian Stern, 17,

senior, Foothill

"I fear that I'll be unemployed and poverty-stricken. . . . No one will like me and I'll die of pneumonia."

Justin Schwarz, 14,

freshman, Foothill

"Finding affordable housing in Orange County."

Shayne Hemsley, 17,

senior, Foothill

"The competition for jobs."

Gregg Suzukawa, 17,

senior, Laguna Hills

"College life."

Edward Baike, 17,

senior, Laguna Hills

"Not having to rely on my parents as much as I used to."

Howard Song, 18,

senior, Laguna Hills

"Growing old alone, without ever experiencing what it means to love and be loved."

Kathleen Loomis, 17,

senior, Lutheran

"I'm afraid that I won't be able to run home and dump my problems on my parents."

Marlo Naber, 17,

senior, Lutheran

"Having no food."

Andy Devore, 18,

senior, Lutheran

"Sitting there asking myself, 'Oh my God, what do I do now?' "

Stacy Ward, 16,

senior, Lutheran

"Having to find a (college) major and occupation in which I may find both personal satisfaction and sufficient income."

Amber Reddick, 18,

senior, Marina

"Failing to be a success in whatever I do and not reaching for my dreams."

Elaine Babayan, 16,

junior, Marina

"Men, work and loneliness."

Alissa Cofman, 15,

sophomore, Marina

"Not succeeding and not reaching my goals."

Dan Lieu, 15,

sophomore, Marina

"Having to do things that I take for granted like cooking dinner and washing clothes, which my parents usually do."

Darron Tanioka, 16,

junior, Pacifica

"To fail in the career I choose."

Werner Abrajano, 16,

junior, Pacifica

"Not knowing where I'm going financially."

Kathleen Masui, 16,

junior, Pacifica

"Probably not having the security of my family."

Jim Sexton, 17,

junior, Pacifica

"Going away to college and being lonely. I'm trying to be optimistic about my future, however there's always the fear of being lonely."

Emmy Perez, 17,

senior, Saddleback

"I'm very outgoing and very talkative. My biggest fear would be having no one to talk to."

Nichole Phillips, 17,

senior, Saddleback

"Living alone. I would have to depend on myself and take the rap for my mistakes--there would be no one else to blame. But I would never lose the support of my parents. That keeps me going."

Jennifer Wood, 15,

sophomore, Saddleback

"Not having anyone there when something went wrong."

Thom Lancaster, 17, junior,

Southern California Christian

"Not doing what God wants me to be doing and postponing His plan in my life."

Kelly Sewell, 16, junior,

Southern California Christian

"Not being able to get a job in the profession of my choice after college."

Cassandra Scheier, 16,

junior, Sunny Hills

"I don't know if I can afford what I want and what I need."

Susie Snyder, 14,

freshman, Sunny Hills

"Having to make my own decisions and making the wrong ones."

Rachel Cassaday, 17,

senior, Sunny Hills

"Not having anyone to ask advice."

Pablo Giusto, 16,

junior, Valencia

"I'm not really scared at all. As a matter of fact, I'm looking forward to it. I'm taking it as a personal challenge to be successful."

Brady Ballentine, 17,

senior, Valencia

"If I fail, there won't be anyone to back me up."

Thuy Dang, 16,

junior, Valencia

"Not making any close friends or having any close family nearby and being lonely."

Van Hoang, 16,

junior, Valencia

"Not being able to pay the bills."

Holly Deibel, 17,

senior, Villa Park

"Being completely independent. For the first time in my life, it's my responsibility."

Julie Thomason, 17,

senior, Villa Park

"In Villa Park, everything is good and there's no crime. I'm afraid of going out there and not knowing what to expect. All parents bring up their kids to believe that everything is good and we don't fear anything here. We're protected."

Shelley Suh, 15,

sophomore, Villa Park

"AIDS and drugs. I feel so sorry for people involved in such things. They have no friends. I hope that this doesn't happen to me, because I don't want to worry my family."

Linh Vo, 16,

sophomore, Western

"Taxes, bills and finance and how I'll afford food and clothing."

Phi Au, 16,

junior, Western

"The responsibilities, the 8-hour work days and all of the stress adults are always complaining about."

Tanya Jones, 16,

junior, Western

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