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Felony TV

December 04, 1988

Oh, boy! "Monty Python" lives! "Network" has become reality! It's "Crime Time" ("The 'Ed Sullivan Show' With Felons," by Kim Murphy, Nov. 27)!!

May the gods help us if anybody in any programing department anywhere on the planet gives this proposed turkey of a "variety show" the green light!

Also, I find it incredibly distasteful, if not downright unethical, for the former chief of the Justice Department's Organized Crime Strike Force in Los Angeles to be "executive in charge of production" on this project!

Michael Deaver got nailed for dealing with his Washington insider cronies, but Jim Anderson is allowed to cash in on years of busting criminals? Not to mention "a variety of ex-FBI agents, Secret Service agents and federal prosecutors" also planning to make special appearances, for pay, of course. . . !

Did I miss something somewhere? Whatever happened to ethics? Morality? Justice? A "kinder and gentler" television schedule. . . ?!

By celebrating crime, this show makes a cartoon out of our legal and criminal justice systems, and a mockery of victims. What message will our children get from this? That crime does pay? And what kind of message are we giving to criminals?

Well, after you serve a few days or months, maybe years, for cutting that guy into pieces and Federal Expressing him to his grandmother in Ohio, we'll make you a TV star! Oh, PLEASE!

May "Crime Time" never see screen time!


Los Angeles

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