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Pros and Cons of Mola Project in Seal Beach

December 04, 1988

I am writing to express my outrage that Joe Hunt, our mayor, and James Sharp of our city's Planning Commission would use their city government positions to endorse the Mola project on the historic wetlands of the Hellman Ranch.

Not only has Hunt endorsed this project after stating repeatedly at our City Council meetings that he is "keeping an open mind" about this development, he has required all of the golfers who attended a meeting that was organized by Hunt and Kirk Evans in Leisure World to obtain 10 signatures on a petition supporting the project, with a goal of obtaining 3,200 signatures before the next council meeting.

Hunt's actions shouldn't be surprising--after all, he allowed his name to be used on Mola's glossy flyer to defeat our slow-growth initiative that would have stopped the Mola project from being implemented.

Of course, since all of this is being done inside the gates of Leisure World, those of us who oppose this project have no chance of obtaining access to the residents to refute the "misinformation" of the developer and Hunt.

Surely, if Hunt's actions are not illegal, they are certainly immoral and unethical.

I'm afraid that democracy has totally broken down in our city.


Gum Grove Park & Wetlands

Restoration Society

Seal Beach

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