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'Homeless and Heartless'

December 05, 1988

I thank Dietrich for saying "the problem of homelessness in America goes to the heart of our problems as a culture."

But I differ with Dietrich's view that new government programs are unable to tackle homelessness. We can set an example to the world that our democracy works by doing the following for the homeless:

1. Creating affordable housing for those with low incomes.

2. Providing hospital care for the mentally ill and counseling for the habitual homeless.

3. Cutting the number of minority students dropping out of school, so they are prepared for good jobs.

4. Improving job training for the unskilled.

5. Reducing immigration so the country can concentrate on the assimilation of our new immigrants into our complex culture.

I appreciate Dietrich's concrete description of the homeless, but I know we can reduce our homeless through solid government programs. America can do it.


Chula Vista

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